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Four new paintings in the gallery

The painting are up in the gallery and I’ve sent out my own email notice. I’ve already had some kind responses and many of them cite the dawn painting as the one they want to see the most. The gallery has it, but did not hang it as they are concerned about how different it looks from my small, precise, detailed works. My instinct says it will find the right buyer, and be loved and appreciated.
We’ll see how it works out.
Here’s the email, with brevity as its chief virtue:
Four new works by Virginia Parker
Now showing at Twinhouse Gallery, 2815 Peachtree Road, 404-233-3433,
Two more in the Table for One series and two cloud-inspired works

Spring Show at Twinhouse

These continue the Table for One series.

A new direction – sky and sea – I have three planned, one on the easel.

Getting ready to be party of a late spring show at my gallery. Turned in these paintings and hope to have two more – the dawn sky and the priests laundry ready in time. It’s exciting! Plus, I love a deadline. Finally, two small works from the Swan House show.

Three runs, no outs, no errors

About tomatoes – one day I may tire of them. But not yet.
There are very southern. Someday I’ll try to paint a tomato sandwich on white bread. Done properly, you have to eat them dripping over the sink. And my daddy always planted tomatoes in the garden when I was growing up. That and hearing crackly baseball play-by-plays on the radio reminds me of him.

Meanwhile I’ve worked on the Priest’s Laundry. I painted two doors, the upper story windows with curtains, and canal level windows with bars (also mesh – got to keep those wharf rats out). The remaining white canvas is a bit of the brick wall, the guard rail of a bridge (the one I’m standing on to take photo) and the laundry. It’s going to have to be dry as a bone around the laundry before I do it so I can lift any errors or wobbles with turp without erasing the background.

Now I’m starting a third canvas – the paint is so wet on the other two that it just makes sense. This is the lunch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC last year. Did 90% of the drawing. Love the blues. Decided to swap out the yellow #2 pencil in the photo for the Caran D’ache red pencil my daughter bought me in Paris when she surprised me with the blue sketchbook. Finished the drawing in time to paint a bit more on the tomato – worked on the knife handle and bread. Then mixed the colors for the Met painting. Realized Gilbert’s George Washington portrait on the museum guide is particularly appropriate to paint this year. Great colors to work with – all those luscious blues! And there’s a tile floor that stretches away in the background, like a little Flemish nod.

First place winner

“Venice, Tagliatelli” 12×16” oil

I entered three regional juried shows, for practice in putting my work out there and to get more exposure than is offered by a single yearly gallery show.

I was accepted by the 2008 Southeastern Regional Biennial Exhibition, sponsored by the Dunwoody Fine Art Association.
The show is called SIGHTS AND INSIGHTS, and runs March 1st – April 11th, 2008, with cash awards for the first, second and third place.

I learned yesterday that my “Venice, Tagliatelli” won first place.

They also asked permission to use an image of my work for their show card, which I gladly gave. I’m astounded to win the first show I’ve ever entered. I’m very grateful and encouraged and inspired.

The show will be hung at the Chastain Arts Center.
Chastain Park, 135 West Wieuca Road N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Learn as I go

I might as well confess now. I had every intention of working on the fish, but I went back to the Virgin to adjust one contour – and ended up reworking the candles, adding the flames, re balancing her face and roughing in the purse, so here’s what I learned. Post what I’ve done at the end of the say, not what I think I’ll do at the beginning. Lesson learned. So I won’t speculate on what exactly I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ll update rather than predict.

I will add that I paint on several different canvases – I usually have three or more in progress, at different points in development. Partly because oil takes it’s gracious time to dry. Also I like to change focus after an intense period of work. It’s like stretching or yoga – it keeps me limber. So presently I have Table 1280, Atlanta of the Table for One series, a large-ish (30×40″) vertical of clouds at dawn, the small 8×8″ fish and the Virgin. And three easels.
Good times.