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Rough Start

Rough under painting; some of the yellow case, pages of the open books, part of the B&W photo of a painting, piece of a frame.IMG_2111

Typewriters x 2

Spent the last couple of days yesterday drawing two typewriters I photographed in the iconic Parisian bookstore, Shakespeare & Co.

I gridded a darker toned canvas with white chalk. This typewriter, bright yellow with black keys, is on the left. An open book and B&W photo of a deposition-themed painting is on the right. Propped behind the typewriter is the cartoonist poster, with the lower edge visible.


This second drawing is a much brighter toned canvas, and the drawing is easier to see. The candy-apple red typewriter on the left has mostly gray and a few pale aqua keys. I don’t know if they are replacement keys, or if the original keys faded and changed unevenly. A dark burgundy red book is on the right, on top of a stack of NY Times review of books.

In the photo there’s a partial view of two rows of books across the top edge. I’ve decided to leave them out for now. I’m thinking about substituting a cover of Charlie Hebdo for the NYTRB that’s under the book.