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Old Man Flint River

In the last couple of weeks I started another painting that’s part of the Catch & Release series.  This one’s working title is Flint River Totem. It’s on a 48×24 canvas – big for me.

Here’s the beginning, when it was still as much a drawing than paint.

I did a couple of passes after this, and the best day was when I worked on canvas upside down. Moss and water confuse the hell out of me unless I turn them into a natural abstract. Painting shapes and values is a piece of cake.

Today I placed the titular totem, which I made out of tying antlers and a deer skull together with jute. The totem is really wet now, but there will be a spray of yellow wildflowers coming out of the eye socket, and, of course, all the twine.


Three things about this image called to me. First, the glimpse of the Flint River, the same river that’s in the background of Collateral Damage. I love the sky reflected on the water and how the bend in the river lets your eye travel away into the distance. I expect to see Huck and Jim float by on a raft at any moment. I have always loved the last line of the novel, “But I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest…”

Second, the swags of Spanish moss, which we rarely see in Atlanta, but are all over south Georgia. It’s embedded in my childhood memories of the rural south in the summer. Right up there with red clay, chert roads, grape pop-cycles, the sound of cicadas, and the trickle of sweat.

Finally, the totem. It’s what makes it more than a generic landscape for me. It’s bound up with my memories of my father, and my idea of the protective spirit of the place, a genius loci.

In other art-related news, Collateral Damage was accepted in the Metro Montage show. It will be delivered July 2, the show opens July 11, and it will be there until September 9. They sent me two passes, otherwise it costs $8 to attend the opening. Never ever heard of charging to go to an art exhibition. It is the Marietta-Cobb Museum, not a gallery, so I guess they can do whatever they want.

Breaking for lunch. If I start again (vs nap which is very appealing on this humid, overcast day) it will be placing letters on typewriter keys.

Shake a Tailfeather

Today I switched back to the bird painting, which I’ve titled Game Over. I mixed color and started placing the patterns in the rooster pheasant’s tail.

I’ve been trying to think of a sentence or two for my artist’s statement, that could succinctly suggest the driving force behind the images. Considering “This series is to hunting what Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard To Find is to Love Story.” Too subtle?

Or “Imagine Garden & Gun or Field & Stream with Sylvia Plath as Editor-in-Chief.” Too obvious?

In a heartening development, two of my paintings were chosen for SCAA’s National Juried Art Exhibition. Awards Reception is January 25th from 6-8pm, at the Mable House Arts Center. Nice start to the year. If I get lucky and bring home prize money, I’ll really be chuffed.


Air – Ga Artists Exhibition

My painting, Air, is in the Ga Artists Show, a juried exhibit that opens tomorrow night, Friday, May 3rd, 6:30-8:30. Abernathy Art Center, 254 Johnson Ferry Road
Planing to attend with RK; my art history major, PA wizard, savvy and stylish daughter.
Photo: I'm in the Ga Artists Show, a juried exhibit.<br />
Opens this Friday, May 3rd, 6:30-8:30<br />
Abernathy Art Center, 254 Johnson Ferry Road


Varnished and wired, 7:30am is ready for the Mason Murer show that opens April 5. Skywater is right on its heels.

Delivered Thirsty for the EcoFuture juried exhibition at Hambidge that will run through the beginning of June. Very pleased to be a part of that.

Painted the edges of the gallery wrap for the first time of my own volition. Carrying the dominant color to the sides, but not bending objects around the edge. Too time-space warp-ish for my taste.

Borrowing a nice old pre-electric Royal typewriter to paint. Itching to do it, not sure how I will set it up. Just ordered some vintage ribbons to include as part of the still life. Maybe my gold fountain pen and the love letters my grandparents exchanged. Thinking of papering the background with pages from books; fairytales, encyclopedias, poetry. Or possibly ships log, legal brief, accounting ledger. My favorite would be all of the above.


Another Yes

Home from a week in New Orleans to find another acceptance in the mail.  Water, a personal favorite and part of the Elements series, was accepted for the South Cobb Arts Alliance show, World of Art, opening April 16.

Finishing up a direct descendant of Water, Skywater l, this afternoon. See the family resemblance?

Spent the morning out in the garage, varnishing 7:30 am. These two new works are going to Mason Murer, for the April 5 show.

Three’s a charm.

Good to hear Yes

Always great to hear ‘Yes!’ It’s a good day when you get an acceptance for a juried show.

Thirsty is going to the Fables of the Eco-Future exhibition that will take place at the Hambidge Center’s Weave Shed, Rabun Gap, Georgia.

It opens Saturday, March 30 and runs through Saturday, June 8. During its run, the gallery will be open daily from Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. On Saturday, June 8, they will have a closing event with music, readings, and artist talks.

I’m a Hambidge Fellow myself, and am a whole hearted supporter of what this exceptional artists residency makes possible – solitude and time to focus exclusively on creative work. It was here my Metamorphosis series was conceived and begun.

TCB day

Did adult artist chores today – like wrote two artist’s statements, filled out juried exhibit application forms, reviewed call for artists sites for shows of interest.
Yesterday I finished the Isle of Palm II. Tomorrow I’ll gesso the edges of the canvas dark gray, Monday varnish it, and Tuesday drive over to my gallery, Twinhouse. I’m also scouting for the right frame for the Priest’s Laundry. I feel it needs something simple, wide and black. Classic and sleek.
All this and turned in a piece to the magazine, and scouted venues for another department. Perhaps most important, got a crisp new edge to my basic bob. Nothing like a precise haircut to convince you that all could yet be well with the world.

Back from Black Mountain NC, and back at the easel – laid in the bench today.
Found out I’ve been accepted for another juried show – Metropolitan Strozzapreti is going to the Atlanta Artists Center Annual National Juried Exhibition (opens Sept. 6 in Atlanta’s Buckhead district). I’m psyched!
Working on the big San Marco piece, the detailed commissioned view of Venice and the sweeping sky scape of Isle of Palm II makes me feel wonderfully stretched and supple. It’s like running, swimming, and yoga each use muscles in a different way.