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Varnished and wired, 7:30am is ready for the Mason Murer show that opens April 5. Skywater is right on its heels.

Delivered Thirsty for the EcoFuture juried exhibition at Hambidge that will run through the beginning of June. Very pleased to be a part of that.

Painted the edges of the gallery wrap for the first time of my own volition. Carrying the dominant color to the sides, but not bending objects around the edge. Too time-space warp-ish for my taste.

Borrowing a nice old pre-electric Royal typewriter to paint. Itching to do it, not sure how I will set it up. Just ordered some vintage ribbons to include as part of the still life. Maybe my gold fountain pen and the love letters my grandparents exchanged. Thinking of papering the background with pages from books; fairytales, encyclopedias, poetry. Or possibly ships log, legal brief, accounting ledger. My favorite would be all of the above.


Good to hear Yes

Always great to hear ‘Yes!’ It’s a good day when you get an acceptance for a juried show.

Thirsty is going to the Fables of the Eco-Future exhibition that will take place at the Hambidge Center’s Weave Shed, Rabun Gap, Georgia.

It opens Saturday, March 30 and runs through Saturday, June 8. During its run, the gallery will be open daily from Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. On Saturday, June 8, they will have a closing event with music, readings, and artist talks.

I’m a Hambidge Fellow myself, and am a whole hearted supporter of what this exceptional artists residency makes possible – solitude and time to focus exclusively on creative work. It was here my Metamorphosis series was conceived and begun.

The Hambidge Harrow

I worked on the harrow yesterday. I set it aside while I worked on the still life paintings for the show. It still needs the long, slim blades of unmown grass. It’s as close to a landscape as I’ve gotten. This photo is a bit dark, but you get the idea.

The Hambidge Harrow

Here’s the start of the harrow painting from yesterday. It was a misty morning up in the North Georgia mountains. In fact, I think low clouds were passing through. I like the out of focus, hazy feel.
Most of the background blocked in. The foreground is long grasses, knee deep. Once upon a time I would have painstaking painted each blade from the very start. Now I’ve blocked in some areas and will be going in to pick out darks and lights on top of this, and specific blades in the foreground and across the wheel of the harrow.
I’m going to start another drawing tomorrow. Everything is wet. I remember why I need to have several going at once. Being able to turn to another painting is all that saves me from turning good, clean color into muck, when what it needs is for me to wait.

third time is a charm

Friday an email confirmed my acceptance to the Hambidge Residency Program (insert celebratory cartwheel and handstand here). That means for three weeks in October I’ll be up in Rabun Gap with room and board, zero distractions, and a studio of my own.

I fished it out of my spam folder the other night, after I got home from the Local Color show. When I saw the subject header (Hambidge Residency) I actually groaned. I just knew it was a form email rejection. Well, au contraire, as the French say. :)
Just being accepted is inspirational. My amphibian artist/writer brain (after a moment of blankness, followed by oh my God, what can I do that’s worthy of with all that time?) is teeming with ideas. Something ambitious in terms of complexity and scale. Or something exploratory in terms of story and execution.
Art math: the act of researching the options, plus the thrill of anticipation, equals fizzy creative carbonation.