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Peacock and Pinecones

Added some color to the peacock. After another layer, I’ll be able to suggest specifics of the tail and wing feathers.

Hw earthThis is a return to the Elements series.  Water, Fire, and Air are complete. This is my version of Earth. I’m working from a photo I took in my front yard, shooting straight down at a bit of mossy turf. I took elements of nature ans nudged them into a still life; ajuga leaves, dogwood berries, oak and maple leaves, a mushroom, bird skeleton, and pine cone. Welcome to the southland.

There’s something very satisfying about getting the first layer of paint on the canvas. Painting abstract squiggles, and seeing them snap into focus as an autumn leaf or pine cone, is purely fun.


Showtime! This Friday, April 5th

Please join me at 7pm, Friday, April 5th, for the opening of the spring show at Mason Murer Fine Art.
7:30am, 30×36″, oil on canvas

My new works celebrate the natural world; the pellucid glory of morning light, and autumn leaves reflected in the curtsy-and-bow of water and sky.

SkyWater, varnished.

Varnished and ready to take over to Mason Murer tomorrow, for the show on April 5.

Spent the last few days with library books and Google, researching implements of writing, and that’s led to the elements and rituals of mourning.

I’m jotting down any wisp of an idea that might help me get where I want to go. My list of possible objects has fractured and divided, like cell division by meliosis.

Nothing is prohibited, restrictions like whether I can locate and afford a particular prop, are ignored. The concept is still warm and wet and malleable.

I love this part.


Another Yes

Home from a week in New Orleans to find another acceptance in the mail.  Water, a personal favorite and part of the Elements series, was accepted for the South Cobb Arts Alliance show, World of Art, opening April 16.

Finishing up a direct descendant of Water, Skywater l, this afternoon. See the family resemblance?

Spent the morning out in the garage, varnishing 7:30 am. These two new works are going to Mason Murer, for the April 5 show.

Three’s a charm.

living in the natural world

Knocked for a loop yesterday by vertigo, but back in the studio, steady on my feet, and mixing paint today. Made variations on green and laid in the swathes of background color.

With 7:30am finished, Bound all but done, and Skywater I close to complete, it feels good to start up a new palette.
Remember the Elements series Fire, Water, Air? This is the start of Earth. Moss and grasses encircled with a pine cone, blue ajuga, red dogwood berries, acorns, fall leaves, a tiny bird skeleton, and a mushroom. I am thinking about what earth does, the verb more than the noun.

Maple leaves, letter blocks, and bracelets.

After a week of fever and chills, recovery has been steady enough for me to reopen the studio. Progress feels slow, but nothing tempts me to activity like a beckoning canvas. This morning I dabbed in maple leaves by the score, and heightened some reds and yellows. I keep piling on the detail and find there is so much more I can add.

Thursday I tweaked the letter blocks and the the edges of books. I did a general layer of gray on the feather with the intention of adding a layer of white and scratching through the wet paint to build texture. Also added a glaze to the illuminated manuscript. The drape needs a deepening of scarlet shadow and another round of brights and shadowed edges on embroidery.

Finally, dabbed away at the small jewelry painting. It’s a silver and obsidian bracelet of my mother’s, souvenir of a 1940s trip to Mexico, and a silver bangle from a trip into Morocco I took in the seventies. The earrings are a pair of silver mounted typewriter keys. If I don’t use my own initials, I think I will use A and Z, or possibly Shift and Floating Key.

I have two drawings ready to go, but haven’t decided which one to begin next.



Relaxing Abstraction

Worked on SkyWater today.

Lower lefthand corner curve got paint for the first time but my brush skipped and skittered over all the rest of the canvas. Heightened texture on individual floating and submerged leaves, using color and sometimes line, began to layer in specific leaves in the mass tree reflection.

Relaxing abstraction after the particularity of inkwells and books.

Landscape Bouquet

SkyWater offers me the pleasures of painting a still life from natural world elements in a contained space. It’s a kind of landscape bouquet, with the shimmer of reflections.

Last week I added what looks like abstract shapes and random squiggles of color.

Yesterday I was still trying to get paint on the entire canvas-

Today I got the rest of the canvas covered and started deepening the darks. I love the pops of red from the fall leaves and the dogwood berries. And the Lapis lazuli blue of the sky on the right. I’m a sucker for blues.



The Line Up

Going into rotation with Cloudy (working title), is SkyWater II. Although there is much specificity to come, this beginning feels abstracty.

Today was all about the greens and blues, but tomorrow will be variations on Alizarin crimson  and ochre.

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to the new site of my blog. It’s got a wee bit more versatility, and thanks to my friend Monkling, intrepid web guru, it looks better too.

Two new canvases are ready to start painting, variations on sky reflected in a tin washtub half full of water and leaves.

There are a couple of paintings that aren’t completed for one reason or another that I am contemplating putting into rotation with Led Zeppelin commission. I’ll be off the fence on those sometime next week. I finished two small paintings Friday, but due to the secrecy required for the upcoming holiday extravaganza, no photos until after December 25th.

One of the great things about having my studio next to the kitchen is the ability to, say, bake a pecan pie or sauté haricot vert and pine-nuts in butter, while wielding my brush. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Gratitude and gravy. What’s not to love?