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Black and white and red/read all over

New composition in the Metamorphosis series is coming along. I found all the props I wanted except one. Still chasing down calla lilies, which tend to be offered in mega wedding/funeral amounts. Fortunately good friends with florist wholesale access are going to give me a hand.

Like most of my ideas, it started off vague, became much too complicated, and, between the attrition of what I can’t find and the inspiration of what I’ve stumbled across, has developed its own shape.

Making it to the final round – a vintage Royal manual typewriter, red and black ink typewriter ribbon, three variations on ribbon tins/boxes, newspapers (intact and shredded). Typewritten letters, from the adoption agency to my parents. Possible additions a silver candle stick, hourglass, and crystal ball.

Considering a black and white drapery, velvet brocade, or embroidered, and of course the elusive calla lily, for funereal allusions. The typewriter has passed on.

Palette is like the old joke – what’s black and white and read/red all over? An embarrassed zebra.

What, you never told jokes in second grade?


Sweet and UV bulbs

Yesterday I did a bit of the texture on the wood, and some of the detail on the honey comb. Today I worked on the sugar bowl, spoon and sugar cane. I need to rework the drapery, smooth it out, just get more paint on it. It will have to dry another week first.


Drying may be quicker because Robert built me a drying box; an aluminum foil-lined, 30×40″ box with four UV bulbs attached to the sides. ‘The windows of the drying room now glow a lurid violet. Apparently they are the same lights pot growers use to raise marijuana in the basement, so I should brace myself for an unscheduled visit from the DEA. heh.

More Sweetness, and the tribulations of white.

Painted the silver sugar bowl this morning. The cool thing about silver is you don’t paint the color silver, you paint what it reflects, so there’s a swath of mahogany, a corner of sugar cane and lots of highlights. One of my favorite places is the curve of the base, which reflects the bottom of the bowl.

White, the most essential color, is a beast. Doesn’t cover well, needs multiple layers, takes forever to dry. Robert has built me a drying box which is lined in aluminum foil and has 4 UV light fixtures. The box is built, just waiting on the UV lights, which he ordered over the Internet. Won’t be starting that snow painting until it’s functional.

Just ate my (late) breakfast. Now going to tackle the honeycomb.


There’s a world of drapery waiting, but I am going to set this aside for the rest of today.
Stripes require careful attention, concentration, and more hand-eye coordination that I have at this point.