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Good dog(s)

I’ve been working on two small paintings of dogs I am doing for family. I did the initial underdrawings, while listening to Lucy Worsley on Queen Caroline. She gives great podcast.

It all came back to me – making the source image, drawing a grid on the source and the canvas (in this case gessoed boards, per the recipient’s request).


Doing these small fast pieces is great practice before I launch into the 24×30” paintings. Llke warming up before I work out.


Mixed blues for the bigger painting, working title Unravel.


The theme of this still life is vision, specifically the incremental loss of it.

It’s been a minute

In 2015, I took a hard left into metalwork.

Back in front of the easel, and to posting about my works-in-progress.

The inaugural paintings – two dogs belonging to my beloved son and daughter-in-law. The request was for two small painting fit for life on the road, often in a Sprinter van.

Just about done with the pair.  Here’s Sammy –Sam

and Zoe



Moving on to a new series that’s about obsession. Principle photography is done for two out of the three canvases I have planned. I’ll try to post along the way, for those who might find it interesting.


It’s good to have a brush in my hand, color to mix, and oil paint to spread like butter.